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Hey Tarrant's Family!!!  We're so glad we're back and better than ever!  While our hours a limited now, we're making moves to be open for lunch and brunch soon, but please join us for dine-in, pick-up or delivery seven nights a week until then.

We've made some pretty big changes since Covid19 including requiring Servesafe Covi19 training for all staff, adding a new point of sales system that allows contactless pickup and delivery as well as no contact payment using a QRS code in house too.  Perhaps our biggest change is a renovated kitchen with a state of the art Eco-Grip flooring system designed to be anti-microbial (kills germs), anti-fatigue (for our staff) and non slip (prevent injuries. We’ve knocked out walls and moved work stations to allow for more social distancing and created a view for our staff (and you) to peak into the kitchen by taking window coverings down for full transparency into our process.

In addition, our back entrance lovingly know as the "pizza parlor" has been transformed into a "Take-out Window" with walk-up service.  Stop by anytime on Foushee Street and look for the awning- now serving pizza by the slice, our full menu, catering, pizzas and fried chicken to go.  Call ahead for faster service at 804-225-0035.  

Below are a short list of the biggest changes to our day to day to let you know how we're working to keep each other and you safer.  It all starts with social distancing, wearing masks and redesigning our dining room seating to have all guests 6 feet away from each other- or 11.5 feet from center of table to the next center of the table.

New Covid19 Procedures:

1. When employees arrive at work, they must remain in their car, call the main line to the restaurant, ask for a manager, who will then come out and temp them.   Anyone with a fever of 100.4 are sent home.  And yes, this is paid time off while they wait for a negative test or while they recover if they do test positive for covid19.

2.  Managers ask:

a. Have you or anyone you've been in contact w/ had symptoms or tested positive for Covid19?

b. Have they traveled outside of the Richmond area in the past few weeks?

c. Have they been in groups of 10 or more?

3. They are required to wear a mask at all times inside the building, covering mouth and nose (if they need to take a drink or eat something, they follow proper removal, disposal and replacement of mask) in an area away from guests and other staff

4. We require mandatory hand washing every 30 minutes and anytime we interact with cash.

5. We require masks and gloves when interacting with the public and at all times in the building- even while we're cooking and especially while handling read to eat products where we always wear gloves- cuz ya know, restaurant and all :)

6. We require social distancing of 6 feet or more at all times.

7. There is no contact pickup and no swiping cards in person if possible using QRS codes.

8. When working, we only use our assigned tools or computers, labeled w/ masking tape, unless wearing fresh gloves and sanitizing after.

9. When cleaning, we use only bleach water on food surfaces (use chlorine strips frequently for levels) and use Enviro Lemon (FDA approved Covid19 killer).

10. We have sent guidance to all our vendors and delivery partners who regularly make stops at our restaurants advising them on our enhanced protocols to help ensure they are taking necessary precautions to protect our restaurants and communities.

11. High volume areas like the POS, phones, doorknobs, bagging areas and restrooms are wiped down and sanitized every hour.

12.  We're added a written policy based on CDC guidance on potential exposure and positive Covid19 testing for our safety and yours that includes sick leave for any staff; as well as, allowing paid time off for staff to cafe for someone with Covid19.

13.  We've starting bias training and mental health discussions to support each other in this time of great stress and implementing a new way of thinking to communicate better called "non-violent communication"

14.  We're working less hours but paying the same rate to  salaried managers to allow time to decompress.  All staff that returned came back at the same rate of pay.

15.  We following all guidance from: the governor on Phase Three Reopening, the CDC, the FDA on what chemicals are best; the Virginia Health Department; and, the new Covid19 Virginia Occupational Health and Safety regulations for the state of Virginia.

16.  We've added new touchless sanitizer stations throughout the restaurant for staff and guests, as well as touchless soap and paper towel dispensers.